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Sony A7R III: Cut Above the DSLRs

Camera manufacturers have consistently gone above and beyond the present lines, adding megapixel, fps, dynamic range, or high ISO performance. One technology that helped turn the tide in favour of the photographers for the ease of use and impossible specifications is the Mirrorless technology. One camera that has sparked a revolution is Sony A7R Mark III.

Why Mirrorless?

In this day and age, we need a camera that’s lighter and sleeker, and our technology has enough to pack it up into smaller cameras. Yet, we are almost in awe of DSLRs and their designs - which are great, that we tend to ignore the advantages of a lighter camera in commercial photography. Photographers have almost romanticised the idea of product photography with bulky DSLRs that we fail to acknowledge that modern electronic viewfinders are very close to optical viewfinders . The sensors are producing higher dynamic range and better low light performance consistently.

Product Photography and Sony A7R III

The Megapixel Giant - Ideal for Large Prints

Sony A7R III has a massive 42.4 Megapixels that can power up an image of 7952 x 5304. For commercial photography involving big banners and billboards, we have often relied on medium-formats, and more recently on bulkier DSLRs. However, we now have a choice that is cheaper, lighter, sleek, and yet near perfect when it comes to producing results.

The Benefits of Focusing Right

A 399-point focal-plane phase-detection AF and a 425-point contrast detection AF allow your product photography go through with a breeze. The basic requirements for commercial photography cameras is the speed of shooting. A problematic area has always been focusing, with photographers often falling back on manual focus, whenever in doubt. With the Sony A7R III, there’s hardly any doubt with focus being a breeze. Also, the touch screen in the live view mode make it a breeze to work with.

Shooting in the Natural Light

The current trends are pointing towards the growth in natural light shooting. The quality and quantity of light, as well as the making it look natural, and people being able to relate to the product. Check out Instagram lifestyle shoots and you will see the plethora of shoots on natural wall backgrounds, over grass, and so on. For shooting in natural light, especially when in low light, it is imperative to have a better low light performance. This is where Sony A7R III shines through in all its glory. It is a beast in low-light performance with dynamic range among the best in business at higher ends of ISO.

The Dynamic Range Advantage

Often, photographers go through multiple exposures and then create HDR to get the complete range of the scene in one image. It is especially true for product photographers shooting some products such as fine jewellery, silverware, metals, etc, where the dark and light difference can be huge, and unless handled well, banding is visible. With a dynamic range of 15 stops, Sony A7R III handles this pretty well, with one exposure being better than one of many other cameras.

Sony A7R III is a commercial photography workhorse that is designed to deliver extraordinary results with minimum fuss.

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