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Tips for taking amazing product photography

When it comes down to taking pictures for your products there are numerous that tips that will help you produce the highest result. In this article we have collected the top tips for you for taking amazing product photography. Thanks to these tips you are able to provide your customers with the highest quality pictures you can make. This will not only raise your number of sales, but it will also give your company more credibility.

Make sure you can see the details

While taking a picture of your product you will have to make sure that the photos can be zoomed in on so that the customer can view details of the product. Research shows that 61% want to be able to zoom in on certain parts of the photo (source: IRCE 2012 report). However, it is important that they are qualitatively sharp product photos. If the product photos are not sharp, then the zoom function does not work properly. The only way you are able to do this is by using a high quality camera.

Choose for the right type of background for your product

Good product photography depends on the background. The background has to meet the subject of the product, this enables you to place the product in the right environment. What do we mean by this? Let say you want to promote a new brand of old Scotch. It wouldn’t make any sense to place this product against a modern background, this doesn’t match with the old style that you want to portray. It would be way better to pick an old school background that suits the product, in this case for example a wooden table with a fireplace in the back. Choosing the right type of background for your product is crucial when you want to promote it.

Pick the right colours for your products and pictures

Make sure that the colours on the product photo correspond to reality. It is a shame if your customers return products because the product picture does not match reality. Research shows that 30% indicates this very well (source: Drapers Retail Report). Do you want to start with product photography? Then choosing the right colours will be one of the most important steps you can make. This is exactly the reason that you want to limit the amount of Photoshop for your pictures. In this way the customer will know exactly what they will get.

Get the size of the product right

The size of product photos is important for your visitors and of course for yourself. Make your shop more professional by showing all images in the same size, providing overall consistency. In addition, the size of the product photos is the finishing touch when it comes down to promoting your products. How do you know which format is best? You can coordinate this with your web builder to make sure that the pictures will fit on your site. You can always test the speed of your website with Google PageSpeed Insights, thanks to this service from Google you will see if the files and pictures are not too large to use.

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