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Capturing Moments That Last a Lifetime

Hello! I’m Shmuel Ben Shimon, a passionate photographer dedicated to capturing the unspoken moment and story of your big day. With a keen eye for detail , I commit to turning every fleeting moment into a cherished memory.




An engagement is a significant step, marking the beginning of a lifelong commitment. Our engagement photography session is designed to capture this special time with respect and care.


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

The days leading up to a wedding are filled with anticipation. Our pre-wedding photo session offers couples an opportunity to take a moment together, away from the hustle and bustle. Whether amidst the serene beauty of a park or the controlled setting of a studio, we ensure each photograph embodies the respect and importance of the upcoming union.



A True Reflection of Character

Everyone has a unique story, a distinct character. Our portrait sessions aim to capture that essence with honesty and clarity. Whether it's to document a personal milestone, or for potential shidduchim, we ensure each portrait is both genuine and respectful. Working closely with you, we create photographs that not only look good but also resonate with who you truly are.

Our Services



The Basic Package is focusing primarily on the pivotal moments of your event. It encompasses coverage of the Kabalat Panim. 
The package also ensures that the Chuppa – is documented with the highest attention to detail. After that we will shoot family photos.
Finally finsihing with dinner&dancing photography.
You will receive a curated set of digital images, all thoughtfully edited to showcase best moments.



The Full-Day Package is designed for couples desiring a broader narrative of their celebration. This offering provides extensive coverage of the entire day's proceedings including Mitzvah Tanz. 



Photoshoot in the park or studio.
Premium photo album and a select large print.


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